Breaking Barriers - Enhancing Swazi Women's Leadership

Women and Law in Southern Africa with the support of United States Embassy, Swaziland, commissioned a national baseline study “Breaking Barriers: Enhancing Swazi Women’s Participation and Representation in Decision Making” in January 2018, a national study which sampled the Shiselweni region. The objective of the study was to look at the barriers, opportunities and make recommendations on women representation and participation in decision making positions.


The study used qualitative methods approach in the execution of the assignment. The assignment reviewed literature available in this area in preparation for tool development based on the existing body of knowledge both in the Swaziland and in the region.

Stakeholder consultations and validation processes were conducted through the following data collection approaches:

  • Literature Review
  • Key Informant Interview (KII) Tools
  • In Depth interviews
  • Focus Group Discussions.